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 เกี่ยวกับ Stop words
Stop Words

Stop words คือ คำที่ "เป็นคำขยายให้แก่คำอื่น ๆ แต่ไม่มีความหมายในตัวเอง"
ซึ่งจะไม่นำไปรวมกับการสืบค้น ซึ่งมีดังรายการต่อไปนี้

a above across actually ad adj af afterwards
ag against al all almost alone along already
also although am amongst an another any anyhow
anyone anywhere aq ar are aren aren't arpa
as at aw az b ba bb bd
be because becoming been before beforehand begin beginning
being below beside besides between bf bg bh
bi billion bj bm bn bo both br
bs bt but buy bv bw by bz
c ca can can't cannot caption cf cg
ch ck cl click cm cn co co.
com copy could couldn couldn't cr cs cu
cv cx cy cz d de did didn
didn't dj dk dm do does doesn don
don't down during dz e each edu ee
eg eh eight eighty either else elsewhere end
ending enough er es et etc even ever
every everyone everything except f few fi fifty
find first five fj fk fm fo for
formerly forty found four fr free further fx
g gb gd ge gf gg gh gi
gl gm gmt gn go gov gp gq
gr gs gt gu gw gy h had
has hasn hasn't haven haven't he he'd he'll
he's help hence her here's hereafter hereby herein
hereupon hers herself him himself his hk hm
hn how however hr ht htm html http
hu i i'd i'll i'm i've i.e. ie
if il im in inc inc. informatio instead
int into iq ir is isn it it's
its itself j je jm jo join jp
k ke kg kh ki km kn kp
kr kw ky kz l la latter lb
lc less let let's li likely lk ll
lr ls lt ltd lu lv ly m
ma mc md me meantime meanwhile mg mh
might mil miss mk ml mm mn mo
moreover mostly mp mq mr mrs ms msie
mt mu must mv mw mx myself namely
ne neither net netscape never neverthele nf ng
ni nl nonetheles noone nor not nothing now
nowhere np nr nu NULL nz of off
often om on one's onto or org other
others otherwise our ours ourselves out over overall
own p pa pe per perhaps pf pg
ph pk pl pm pn pr pt pw
py q qa r rather re recent reserved
ring ro ru rw same sc se seemed
seeming seems sg sh she'd she'll she's should
shouldn shouldn't si since site sixty sj sk
sl sm sn so some somehow someone something
sometime sometimes sr st still stop su such
sv sy sz t taking tc td ten
text tf tg th than that that'll that's
the their themselves then thence there'll there's thereafter
thereby therefore therein thereupon these they they'd they'll
they're they've thirty thus tj tk tm tn
to too towards tp tr trillion tt tv
tw tz u ua ug uk um unless
unlike unlikely until up us use used using
uy uz v va vc ve very vg
vi via vn vu w was wasn wasn't
we'd we'll we're we've website welcome weren weren't
wf what what'll what's whatever whence whenever whereafter
whereas whereby wherein whereupon wherever whether while whither
who who'd who'll who's whoever whole whom whomever
whose will within without won't would wouldn wouldn't
ws www x y ye yes yet you'd
you're you've yours yourself yourselves yt yu z
z za zm zr


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