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 เลขหมู่ T173.8 .P45 2019
 ชื่อเรื่อง Futurekind : design by and for the people / Robert Phillips ; foreword by Yves Béhar.
 ชื่อเรื่องที่แตกต่าง Future kind
 ผู้แต่ง Phillips, Robert (Product designer)
 ISBN 9780500519790 (hardback)
 พิมพลักษณ์ London : Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2019.
 เลขเรียก DBTM
 รูปเล่ม 240 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
 หมายเหตุ Includes index.
 หมายเหตุ We have grown accustomed to two beliefs: the first, that only experts can be designers; the second, that our everyday activities are harming the natural world. Yet, with new platforms, digital communication and engaged online communities, the products we can now design - and truly need - can be made by anyone for social and environmental good. Social design can see that primary school children learn to code, and uses local information in off-grid locations to create global change. Open-sourcedesign is enabling us to re-make our world right now. Structured into eight areas of application, from healthcare to education, this book showcases over sixty projects - not the kind you see in glossy magazines or online, but the ones that have made a genuine difference to communities and lives around the world. Rather than being client-driven, as commercial design often is, each project here is the result of designers who reach out, communities who get involved and the technologies that helping people to realize ideas together. From a playground-powered water pump in South Africa to a DIY budget cellphone, each of these groundbreaking projects ispresented through fascinating and life-affirming stories, diagrams that reveal the mechanisms and motivations behindeach design approach, and photography that celebrates the humanity of the endeavour.
 หัวเรื่อง Social entrepreneurship.
 หัวเรื่อง Technological innovations.
 หัวเรื่อง Community development.
 หัวเรื่อง Design
 หัวเรื่อง Sustainable design.
 ผู้แต่งร่วม Béhar, Yves
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1. DBTM Collection
DBTM Collection
DBTM T173.8 .P45 2019  
  Barcode: 3 26 023259
DBTM Collection บนชั้น

    หัวเรื่อง [Social entrepreneurship.]
    หัวเรื่อง [Technological innovations.]
    หัวเรื่อง [Community development.]
    หัวเรื่อง [Design]
    หัวเรื่อง [Sustainable design.]



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