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 เลขหมู่ BF637.S8 C68 2013
 ชื่อเรื่อง The 7 habits of highly effective people : powerful lessons in personal change / Stephen R. Covey
 ชื่อเรื่องที่แตกต่าง Seven habits of highly effective people
 ผู้แต่ง Covey, Stephen R
 ISBN 9781471131820
 เลขเรียก DBTM
 ครั้งที่พิมพ์ 25th anniversary edition
 รูปเล่ม xxx, 391 p. : ill. ; 22 cm
 หมายเหตุ Previously published: New York : Free Press, c2004
 หมายเหตุ This edition has a new foreword by Jim Collins, a family tribute by Covey^'s children, and ^"A final interview with Stephen R. Covey.^"
 หมายเหตุ Includes indexes
 หมายเหตุ Contents: Foreword to the 25th anniversary edition / by Jim Collins
-- A Cove family tribute to a highly effective father
-- Foreword to the 2004 edition / By Stephen R. Covey
-- Paradigms and principles. Inside-out
-- The 7 habits : an overview
-- Private victory. Habit 1 : be proactive : principles of personal vision
-- Habit 2 : begin with the end in mind : principles of personal leadership
-- Habit 3: put first things first : principles of personal management
-- Public victory : paradigms of interdependence. Habit 4 : think win/win : principles of interpersonal leadership
-- Habit 5 : seek first to understand, then to be understood : principles of empathiccommunication
-- Habit 6 : synergize : principles of creative cooperation -- Renewal. Habit 7 : sharpen the saw: priniciples of balanced self-renewal -- Inside-out again-- Afterword -- Appendix A. Possible perception flowing out of various centers -- Appendix B. A quadrant II day atthe office -- A final interview with Stephen R. Covey -- Problem/opportunity index
 หมายเหตุ Summary: A leading management consultant outlines seven organizational rules for improving effectiveness and increasing productivity at work and at home
 หัวเรื่อง Success--Psychological aspects
 หัวเรื่อง Character
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DBTM BF637.S8 C68 2013  
  Barcode: 3 26 019906
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